The Giallo

While the Italian thriller is most associated with the directors Mario Bava and Dario Argento, countless other talented directors made important contributions to it over the course of the 1960s and 1970s.

In this season we showcase something of the diversity of giallo film-making with some of the best filone entries from Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino and others.

The giallo season was curated by Alison McInnes.

Films in the The Giallo season

The Sweet Body of Deborah / Il dolce corpo di Deborah

Romolo Guerreri | Italy / France | 1968 | 95 minutes

Friday 4th March 2011 at 8:00PM

The Weekend Murders / Concerto per pistola solista

Michele Lupo | Italy | 1970 | 98 minutes

Friday 11th March 2011 at 8:00PM

Lizard in a Woman's Skin / Una Lucertola con la pelle di donna

Lucio Fulci | Italy / Spain / France | 1971 | 103 minutes

Friday 18th March 2011 at 8:00PM

The Fifth Cord / Giornata nera per l'ariete

Luigi Bazzoni | Italy | 1970 | 90 minutes

Friday 25th March 2011 at 8:00PM

All the Colours of the Dark / Tutti i colori del buio

Sergio Martino | Italy / Spain | 1972 | 94 minutes

Friday 1st April 2011 at 8:00PM


Umberto Lenzi | Italy | 1974 | 94 minutes

Friday 8th April 2011 at 8:00PM