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Death Line - Going Underground

Gary Sherman | UK | 1972 | 87 minutes

A police inspector (Donald Pleasence) discovers that descendants of survivors of a cave-in in the early 1900s are eating London subway riders.

Friday 3rd March at 8:00 PM

The Gambler - Gamblers

Karel Reisz | USA | 1974 | 111 minutes

New York City English professor Axel Freed (James Caan) outwardly seems like an upstanding citizen. But privately Freed is in the clutches of a severe gambling addiction that threatens to destroy him.

Sunday 5th March at 4:30 PM

Barry Lyndon - Imagining the Eighteenth Century

Stanley Kubrick | UK | 1975 | 187 minutes

An exquisitely detailed adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel about the picaresque exploits of an 18th century Irish adventurer. Despite the obstacle of his relatively poor Irish birth, Raymond Barry (Ryan O’Neal) manages by various stratagems and devices to become the wealthy but ill-respected Barry Lyndon.

Sunday 5th March at 7:00 PM

Django - Sergio Corbucci’s West

Sergio Corbucci | Italy/Spain | 1966 | 92 minutes

Stranger Django (Franco Nero) rides into the middle of a border fray between Mexican bandits and the Ku Klux Klan. A ‘Spaghetti Western’ classic.

Friday 10th March at 8:00 PM

Nobody’s Children - Matarazzo Melodramas

Raffaello Matarazzo | Italy | 1951 | 100 minutes

‘Nobody’s Children’ is the first half of an overflowing diptych of melodramas chronicling the labyrinthine misfortunes of Guido and Luisa (Amedeo Nazzari and Yvonne Sanson) who are torn cruelly apart by fate (and meddling villains).

Sunday 12th March at 4:30 PM

The Lady and the Duke - Imagining the Eighteenth Century

Eric Rohmer | France | 2001 | 129 minutes

During the French Revolution, Scottish aristocrat Grace Elliott and her former lover, the Duke of Orleans, find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

Sunday 12th March at 7:00 PM

Cult Cinema Research

One of the Guild’s members, John Lynskety, is currently studying for a PHd in Film Studies, on the subject of cult cinema. He will be conducting some screenings and focus groups come the New Year. If you would be interested in taking part – Guild member or not – please contact John at <s1580812@sms.ed.ac.uk..

2016 Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 62nd Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held in the Guild Cinema FilmHouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ on Sunday, 18th December 2016 at about 6.20pm immediately after the screening of our Christmas film, The Man Who Came to Dinner.

Nominations of candidates for council members and office bearers need to be submitted in writing to the EFG, signed by a proposer, a seconder and by the member to be proposed, confirming his/her willingness to serve on the council if elected. They should be submitted by the start of the AGM.

Our meeting will be followed by our Christmas party with drinks and buffet.

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