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Our next monthly film at the IFE: Friday 3 December

  • 6pm: Madame de … – Max Ophüls (1953 – France)

In ‘Madame de…’ the unnamed wife (Danielle Darrieux) of an aristocrat pawns her earrings to pay off her debts. The transaction sets off a chain reaction, as the earrings exchange hands between the pawnbroker, the lady’s husband (Charles Boyer), her husband’s mistress, and her suitor (Vittorio De Sica), implicating each in a web of desire and deceit that leads to tragedy. Ophuls’ film presents a woman imprisoned by social conventions and a material world of ornate, glittering decor, which the director navigates in sublimely sinuous tracking shots. Sourced from a 4K restoration by the British Film Institute.

“As Ophuls’s famously restless camera swirls through Madame de… he traces an interior journey, from a world of bright, enchanting surfaces to the dim recesses of a soul.” (The New York Times)

“One of the greats, and in the opinion of many the greatest, has been restored. Max Ophüls’s classic ‘Madame De…’ is a frictionless miracle of camerawork and a marvel of storytelling: erotic, gripping, elegant and mysterious. A superb film and a matchless trio of performances.” (The Guardian)

Here is a scene from “Madame De…”

Please visit the IFE website for tickets.

Sunday 5th December at the Guild

  • 4:30pm: Le dos au mur [Back to the wall] by Edouard Molinaro (1958 – France)

A bitter film noir and stunningly cynical piece about a businessman (Gérard Oury) who takes his own sweet time to plan an elaborate revenge on his unfaithful wife (Jeanne Moreau)

  • 7pm: Die geliebten Schwestern [Beloved Sisters] by Dominik Graf (2014 – Germany)

An enthralling depiction of the complicated relationship between the post-Enlightenment writer and philosopher Friedrich Schiller and sisters Charlotte von Lengefeld and Caroline von Beulwitz.

Sunday 12 December at the Guild

  • 4:30pm: Torneranno i prati [Greenery will bloom again] by Ermano Olmi (2014 – Italy)

… an overly reverential glimpse at trench warfare in the Italian Alps [Jay Weissberg – Variety]

More on the EFG programme here

NOTE: The AGM has been postponed to Sunday 16 January 2021 at 6pm

FeaturedTemporary Access via Chuckie Pend

The Guild Rooms and Cinema are located within the Filmhouse. However, this season, our entrance will be through Chuckie Pend. This is passage way located directly behind the Filmhouse building. It is accessible from Morrison Street (just off Lothian Road) and Festival Square (just to the left of the Sheraton Hotel building). (link to map)

FeaturedNew season 2021-2022

We are delighted to be able to resume our weekly screenings in the Guild cinema.

The new season starts on Sunday 10 October with 2 films:
. at 4:30pm: Faces Places [Visages Villages] by Agnès Varda (2017)
. at 7pm: The Set-Up by Robert Wise (1949)

From then on, we will be screening 2 films each Sunday, until 12 December when our AGM will take place.

Details of the Autumn-Winter programme can be found under 2021 Programme as well as on the brochure (PDF which you can download).

How to join

Becoming a member is easy. You must be aged 18 or over. You can join in person before any of our screenings or online.

Membership cards

You can purchase a £25 Membership Card which entitles you to see any 5 films of your choice during the full season (2021-2022). You can top-up with additional cards as required. Note: your card must be stamped at each of the screenings you attend.


We do not sell tickets for individual films or for any specific films. Your membership fee helps to pay for a wide range of our operating costs.

Health and Safety

You must, by law, wear a face covering unless you are exempt. We are required to collect the contact details of all visitors, in line with NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect strategy.


The Guild is located within Filmhouse, however, this season, our entrance will be through Chuckie Pend, a passage way located directly behind the Filmhouse building. It is accessible from Morrison Street and Festival Square, just off Lothian Road. (map)

NOTE: Our cinema is small (30 seats) so, while this is not normally an issue, seating is always subject to availability.

Upcoming screening at the Institut Français d’Ecosse

Continuing our partnership with the Institut Français d’Ecosse (IFE) and as a tribute to Jean-Pierre Belmondo, we will be screening winner of the Grand Prix at the 1961 Venice Film Festival “Léon Morin, prêtre“, by French director Jean-Pierre Melville.

Jean-Paul Belmondo delivers a subtly sensual performance as a devoted young priest who is desired by all the women of a small village in Nazi-occupied France. He finds himself most drawn to a sexually frustrated widow, played by Emmanuelle Riva, a religious skeptic whose relationship with her confessor turns into a confrontation with both God and her own repressed desire. A triumph of mood, setting, and innuendo, ‘Léon Morin, Priest’ is an irreverent pleasure from one of French cinema’s towering virtuosos.

Belmondo was nominated for a BAFTA Best Actor Award for his role in the film.

“A peculiar combination of the intellectual and the instinctive, but it works beautifully.” (Combustible Celluloid)

“A thoughtful, moving evocation of spiritual life.” (Q Network)

“Melville’s most inventive, fluid moviemaking.” (Film Comment)

“Léon Morin, Priest is an elegant, entertaining and thought-provoking film. Miraculous cinema, even for heretics.” (Time Out)

Watch the trailer.

Screening on Friday 1 October 2021 at 6:00pm: book your ticket here

We look forward to seeing you!

Civic Reception at the City Chambers

The Edinburgh Film Guild has been contributing to the city’s cultural life and educating our citizens about cinema for nine decades.

On the 4 March 2020, Edinburgh City Council hosted a Civic Reception to mark our 90th anniversary.

George Williamson made a short film which you can view here.

Speeches by the Lord Provost Frank Ross and EFG chairman Jim Dunnigan.