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Gabriel Over the White House - American Fascism

Gregory La Cava | USA | 1933 | 86 minutes

A political hack (Walter Huston) becomes U.S. President during the height of the Depression. But a freak accident sees him undergo a personal transformation and his presidency become an 'incorruptible' dictatorship.

Sunday 14th January at 4:30 PM

Terrorizers - Edward Yang | Taiwan New Wave

Edward Yang | Taiwan | 1986 | 109 minutes

Metaphysical mystery about the lives of three couples in Taipei that continually intersect over a span of several weeks.

Sunday 14th January at 7:00 PM

The Tale of Zatoichi - Zatoichi_The Blind Swordsman

Kenji Misumi | Japan | 1962 | 96 minutes

The epic saga of the blind swordsman Zatoichi begins, as tensions mount between rival yakuza clans. Japanese action cinema at its crowd-pleasing best.

Friday 19th January at 8:00 PM

Black Legion - American Fascism

Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz | USA | 1937 | 83 minutes

An embittered auto-worker (Humphrey Bogart) gets involved with a deadly racist organisation after a Polish immigrant receives the promotion he thought he deserved.

Sunday 21st January at 4:30 PM

A Brighter Summer Day - Edward Yang | Taiwan New Wave

Edward Yang | Taiwan | 1991 | 237 minutes

Patiently observed epic on the gradual, inexorable fall of a young teenager from innocence to juvenile delinquency, set against a backdrop of restless youth and political turmoil in early sixties Taiwan. *(Note the earlier 6:30pm start.)

Sunday 21st January at 6:30 PM

Zatoichi And the Chest of Gold - Zatoichi_The Blind Swordsman

Kazuo Ikehiro | Japan | 1964 | 82 minutes

The blind swordsman, Zatoichi, tries to retrieve a chest of gold containing the taxes that a poor town’s folk had to pay to corrupt government officials. Japanese action cinema.

Friday 26th January at 8:00 PM