2017-18 Programme

Between October 2017 and March 2018 the Guild will be showing over 60 films, three a week:

  • Sunday afternoon, usually starting at 4.30pm
  • Sunday evening, starting at 7pm
  • Friday evening, starting at 8pm

All the films we show are grouped into two, three or five film seasons. The films in a season are linked by genre (e.g. British Silent Films), director (e.g. Valario Zurlini), star (e.g. Michèle Morgan), or theme (e.g. Classics of Mexican Cinema). You can look through our new programme brochure here.

You can join online, in person at any screening, or by completing and returning the print form.

Membership starts at just £20.

2017-18 Screenings


The Times of Harvey Milk - U.S. Documentaries

Rob Epstein | USA | 1984 | 88 minutes

Documentary about the life of Harvey Milk, an outspoken human rights activist and one of the first openly gay U.S. politicians, whose life has inspired people around the world.

Sunday 26th November at 4:30 PM

The Miracle Of Morgan’s Creek - Preston Sturges' Screwball Comedies

Preston Sturges | USA | 1944 | 99 minutes

After an all-night send-off party for the troops, a small-town girl wakes up to find herself married and pregnant, but with no memory of her husband’s identity.

Sunday 26th November at 7:00 PM

Black Dynamite - Keith's 5 Star Favourites

Scott Sanders | USA | 2009 | 84 minutes

Black Dynamite is the greatest African-American action star of the 1970s. When his only brother is killed by The Man it’s up to him to find justice. Blaxploitation spoof.

Friday 1st December at 8:00 PM

For All Mankind - U.S. Documentaries

Al Reinert | USA | 1989 | 79 minutes

Using breath-taking footage from the NASA space missions and the voices of Apollo astronauts reflecting on the wonder of the experience, this documentary takes us on a voyage to the moon.

Sunday 3rd December at 4:30 PM

Hail the Conquering Hero - Preston Sturges' Screwball Comedies

Preston Sturges | USA | 1944 | 101 minutes

The son of a WWI Marine hero is the first in his small town to sign up for military service. But he hasn’t the nerve to face his home-town when he's discharged from the Marines for having hay fever.

Sunday 3rd December at 7:00 PM

The Quiet Family - Black Comedy | Psychological Horror

Ji-woon Kim | South Korea | 1998 | 110 min minutes

A family opens a mountain inn where their first guest commits suicide. Suddenly horrible fates begin to befall all their guests in this Korean black comedy.

Friday 8th December at 8:00 PM

The War Room - U.S. Documentaries

Chris Hegedus, D. A. Pennebaker | USA | 1993 | 96 minutes

Behind-the-scenes action during the Bill Clinton presidential campaign. Fleet-footed and entertaining, 'The War Room' is a vivid document of a political moment.

Sunday 10th December at 4:30 PM

Unfaithfully Yours - Preston Sturges' Screwball Comedies

Preston Sturges | USA | 1948 | 105 minutes

A witty and wild screwball comedy about a symphony conductor (Rex Harrison) who is convinced his wife (Linda Darnell) is having an affair.

Sunday 10th December at 7:00 PM

A Tale of Two Sisters - Black Comedy | Psychological Horror

Ji-woon Kim | South Korea | 2003 | 115 minutes

Childhood nightmares spill into the adult world as two sisters return home after a mysterious illness and find themselves at odds with their wicked stepmother.

Friday 15th December at 8:00 PM

Three Godfathers - Christmas Special Screening

John Ford | USA | 1948 | 106 minutes

Three outlaws (John Wayne, Pedro Armendáriz, Harry Carey Jr) who find a dying woman and her newborn baby in the desert make a vow to save the child at any cost. The screening is followed by the Edinburgh Film Guild AGM and Christmas Party.

Sunday 17th December at 4:30 PM

Gabriel Over the White House - American Fascism

Gregory La Cava | USA | 1933 | 86 minutes

A political hack (Walter Huston) becomes U.S. President during the height of the Depression. But a freak accident sees him undergo a personal transformation and his presidency become an 'incorruptible' dictatorship.

Sunday 14th January at 4:30 PM

Terrorizers - Edward Yang | Taiwan New Wave

Edward Yang | Taiwan | 1986 | 109 minutes

Metaphysical mystery about the lives of three couples in Taipei that continually intersect over a span of several weeks.

Sunday 14th January at 7:00 PM

The Tale of Zatoichi - Zatoichi_The Blind Swordsman

Kenji Misumi | Japan | 1962 | 96 minutes

The epic saga of the blind swordsman Zatoichi begins, as tensions mount between rival yakuza clans. Japanese action cinema at its crowd-pleasing best.

Friday 19th January at 8:00 PM

Black Legion - American Fascism

Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz | USA | 1937 | 83 minutes

An embittered auto-worker (Humphrey Bogart) gets involved with a deadly racist organisation after a Polish immigrant receives the promotion he thought he deserved.

Sunday 21st January at 4:30 PM

A Brighter Summer Day - Edward Yang | Taiwan New Wave

Edward Yang | Taiwan | 1991 | 237 minutes

Patiently observed epic on the gradual, inexorable fall of a young teenager from innocence to juvenile delinquency, set against a backdrop of restless youth and political turmoil in early sixties Taiwan. *(Note the earlier 6:30pm start.)

Sunday 21st January at 6:30 PM

Zatoichi And the Chest of Gold - Zatoichi_The Blind Swordsman

Kazuo Ikehiro | Japan | 1964 | 82 minutes

The blind swordsman, Zatoichi, tries to retrieve a chest of gold containing the taxes that a poor town’s folk had to pay to corrupt government officials. Japanese action cinema.

Friday 26th January at 8:00 PM

Meet John Doe - American Fascism

Frank Capra | USA | 1941 | 122 minutes

A homeless man is hired to be the face behind fictional protest letters about society's ills and in the process a nationwide political movement is begun. The paper’s owner decides to use “John Doe’s” popularity as his ticket to the White House. Stars: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck

Sunday 28th January at 4:30 PM

The Two of Us - France Occupée

Claude Berri | France | 1967 | 87 minutes

A young Jewish boy living in Nazi-occupied Paris is sent to live in the countryside with an elderly Catholic couple, where he bonds with the irascible, staunchly anti-Semitic Grampa (Michel Simon).

Sunday 28th January at 7:00 PM

Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage - Zatoichi_The Blind Swordsman

Kazuo Ikehiro | Japan | 1966 | 82 minutes

Troubled by his violent past, the blind swordsman, Zatoichi, begins a journey of cleansing spirituality. But, as always, trouble isn’t far behind.

Friday 2nd February at 8:00 PM

The Lady With the Dog - Classics of Soviet Cinema

Iosif Kheifits | Soviet Union | 1960 | 83 minutes

This Soviet cinema classic tells the story of an adulterous affair between a Russian banker and a young lady who meet on vacation. Based on a story by Anton Chekhov.

Sunday 4th February at 4:30 PM

Section Spéciale - France Occupée

Costa Gavras | France | 1975 | 110 minutes

In occupied France, the Vichy government decides to pin the murder of a Nazi officer on six petty criminals, with a special section of the court set up to obtain a swift conviction.

Sunday 4th February at 7:00 PM

The Italian Connection - Fernando Di Leo

Fernando Di Leo | Italy | 1972 | 95 minutes

Two New York City hit-men search Italy for small-time pimp suspected of stealing a massive shipment of heroin from the mob in this ultra-violent Italian‘70s crime drama.

Friday 9th February at 8:00 PM

Nine Days of One Year - Classics of Soviet Cinema

Mikhail Romm | Soviet Union | 1962 | 111 minutes

Despite exposure to radiation a dedicated scientist continues his experiments, threatening both his personal relationships and his life.

Sunday 11th February at 4:30 PM

Lucie Aubrac - France Occupée

Claude Berri | France | 1997 | 115 minutes

When her Resistance fighter husband (Daniel Auteuil) is arrested by the Gestapo, Lucie Aubrac (Carole Bouquet) comes up with a daring scheme to save him.

Sunday 11th February at 7:00 PM

The Boss - Fernando Di Leo

Fernando Di Leo | Italy | 1973 | 111 minutes

A bomb attack in Palermo kills all of the Attardi clan a part from Cocchi. Cocchi knows who the attacker was and is determined on revenge. Ultra-violent Italian crime drama.

Friday 16th February at 8:00 PM

Underground - British Silents

Anthony Asquith | UK | 1928 | 84 minutes

A working-class love story set in and around the London Underground of the 1920s.

Sunday 18th February at 4:30 PM

Eyes Without a Face - Another Face

Georges Franju | France | 1960 | 90 minutes

A brilliant, obsessive doctor attempts radical plastic surgery to restore the beauty of his daughter Christiane’s disfigured face, but at a horrifying price.

Sunday 18th February at 7:00 PM

Ikarie XB-1 - Alt. Sci-Fi

Jindrich Polák | Czechoslovakia | 1963 | 83 minutes

The year is 2163. Starship Ikarie XB-1 embarks on a long journey across the Universe, to search for life on the planets of Alpha Centauri.

Friday 23rd February at 8:00 PM

Shooting Stars - British Silents

Anthony Asquith, A.V. Bramble | UK | 1928 | 101 minutes

In this sharp-edged satire of the silent film industry, a husband and wife acting team is torn apart by the discovery of an affair.

Sunday 25th February at 4:30 PM

The Face of Another - Another Face

Hiroshi Teshigahara | Japan | 1966 | 124 minutes

A businessman with a disfigured face obtains a lifelike mask from his doctor, but the mask starts altering his personality.

Sunday 25th February at 7:00 PM

In the Dust of the Stars - Alt. Sci-Fi

Gottfried Kolditz | East Germany | 1976 | 95 minutes

The Spaceship Cyrno lands on the planet TEM 4, having received a call for help, but the Temers deny having sent the message. So begins a process of uncovering the planet’s terrible secrets.

Friday 2nd March at 8:00 PM

A Cottage on Dartmoor - British Silents

Anthony Asquith | UK | 1929 | 88 minutes

Flashback story of an escape from the lonely, high-security Dartmoor Prison. A beautifully realised silent cinema tale of sexual jealousy.

Sunday 4th March at 4:30 PM

Seconds - Another Face

John Frankenheimer | USA | 1966 | 107 minutes

A secret company promises to provide a middle-aged banker with a fresh start, complete with a new face (Rock Hudson) and lifestyle. But as he struggles with his new identity, he begins to have second thoughts.

Sunday 4th March at 7:00 PM

Sleep Dealer - Alt. Sci-Fi

Alex Rivera | USA, Mexico | 2008 | 90 minutes

With the American border walled off, Tijuana has become a magnet for migrant workers who, by physically connecting to a global computer network, 'export' their labour north while their bodies stay in Mexico.

Friday 9th March at 8:00 PM

Times and Winds - Reha Erdem | Turkey

Reha Erdem | Turkey | 2006 | 108 minutes

Affecting portrait of the life of three young Turkish friends whose childhood dreams are gradually crushed by their changing relationships to the adult world.

Sunday 11th March at 4:30 PM

The Makioka Sisters -

Kon Ichikawa | Japan | 1983 | 140 minutes

Sensuously beautiful film which chronicles the lives of four sisters of the wealthy Makioka family who gather in pre-war Kyoto every year to view the cherry blossoms.

Sunday 11th March at 7:00 PM

Red Cliff - Part I

John Woo | China | 2009 | 146 minutes

First part of a two-part historical epic about a key third-century battle in which three massive armies clash over China’s future.

Friday 16th March at 8:00 PM

Jîn - Reha Erdem | Turkey

Reha Erdem | Turkey | 2013 | 122 minutes

A visually stunning, vividly emotional narrative of a teenage girl trekking through nature as she leaves her life as a Kurdish freedom fighter.

Sunday 18th March at 4:30 PM

Our Little Sister -

Hirokazu Kore-eda | Japan | 2016 | 128 minutes

Three sisters take in a half-sibling after their father's death in this tender, touching Japanese drama.

Sunday 18th March at 7:00 PM

Red Cliff - Part II

John Woo | China | 2009 | 142 minutes

Second part of a two-part historical epic about a key third-century battle in which three massive armies clash over China’s future.

Friday 23rd March at 8:00 PM