1970s Polars


Beginning on Sunday 19 April at 7PM, the Guild presents a bonus season of 1970s French crime films or ‘Polars’

The screenings are free and are open to all members.

The films showing are:

Un Flic / A Cop / Dirty Money

Jean-Pierre Melville | France | 1970 |98 minutes

Alain Delon and Jean-Pierre Melville team up again and neatly invert Le Samourai (1967) as Delon’s cop investigates a murder and a robbery. Catherine Deneuve co-stars.

Un Conde / The Cop

Yves Boisset | France/Italy | 1972| 95 minutes

A cop gazes into and descends into the Nietzschean abyss in this grim, existential tale of vengeance.


Claude Chabrol | France/Italy | 1974 | 110 minutes

Anarchist group Nada kidnaps the United States ambassador from a Paris brothel. Chief of Police Goemond is given carte blanche by his superiors to use any means necessary for the protection of the state.

Peur sur la ville / Fear Over the City / The Night Caller

Henri Verneuil | France | 1975 | 120 minutes

A serial killer with a warped sense of justice terrorises Paris. It is up to Jean-Paul Belmondo’s cop to stop the maniac – this while under investigation for the accidental shooting of an innocent when trying to stop the escape of a big-name gangster.

Flic Story

Jacques Deray | France | 1975 | 107 minutes

Based on Roger Borniche’s memoirs of the same title, this charts the detective’s nine-year fight to bring public enemy number one Emile Buisson to the guillotine. Alain Delon and Jean-Louis Trintignant play the cop and robber who come to realise they are more alike than they initially recognise.

Série Noir

Alain Corneau | France | 1979 | 111 minutes

Patrick Dewaere is perfectly cast in this adaptation of cult ultra-noir author Jim (The Grifters, The Getaway) Thompson’s Hell of a Woman, as a door-to-door salesman whose fortunes go from bad to worse as he is seduced into a life of crime by an underage prostitute.