Chinese Cinema: A Broader View

In this season we will be screening films from the three main Chinese cinemas – mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR, and Taiwan, along with a selection of shorts from diasporan filmmakers in Singapore.

Two films from each of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will be shown, one with a historical focus and the other more experimental.

Each screening will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by an open discussion.


In the Heat of the Sun

Wen Jiang | China | 1994 | 134 minutes

A coming of age story set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution.

Sunday 6 April, 7pm

24 City

Zhangke Jia | China |  2008 | 112 minutes

A factory in Chengdu is being demolished to make way for luxury apartments. Three women, born in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, recall their experience of working in the factory at different points in its – and the nation’s – recent history.

Sunday 13 April, 7pm


A City of Sadness

Hsiao-hsien Hou | Taiwan | 1989 | 157 minutes

The 228 Incident of 28th February (2 / 28 in the US calendar) 1947 was a taboo subject in Taiwan until recently. This film presents the impact of the incident on one family. Hsiao-hsien Hou won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

Sunday 20 April, 7pm

The Wayward Cloud

Ming-liang Tsai | Taiwan | 2005 | 114 minutes

While winning an award for outstanding Artistic Achievement at the Berlin International Film Festival for its experimental narrative and musical set-pieces this film from one of Taiwan’s major auteurs divided audiences and critics. Come along and make your mind up.

Sunday 27 April, 7pm

Hong Kong

Song of the Exile

Ann Hui | Hong Kong | 1990 | 99 minutes

The most prominent female director in Hong Kong, Ann Hui, tells the story of a Cantonese woman (Maggie Cheung) trying to emotionally connect with her Japanese mother.

Sunday 4 May, 7pm

Happy Together

Kar Wai Wong | Hong Kong | 1997 | 96 minutes

Against the backdrop of the imminent transfer of Hong Kong from the UK to China Kar Wai Wong explores themes of the nomad and the exile via the story of two gay men from the island on vacation in Argentina. Kar Wai Wong won the Best Director award at Cannes for the film.

Sunday 11 May, 7pm

Singapore shorts

A selection of short films from Singapore, presenting its distinctive social situation and cinema culture.

Sunday 18 May, 7pm