Donations Invited(COVID-19 Appeal)

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Thank you for considering making a donation to Edinburgh Film Guild.

Edinburgh Film Guild continues to operate on a non-profit basis and endeavours to offer the opportunity to see and discuss films that would otherwise not receive a screening.

The Guild will be putting on screenings in the 2020/21 season. However, we are unable to open our little cinema as it could not safely accommodate more than a few viewers. Screenings will be limited in number as a result.

We are exploring alternative ways to share our love of cinema with you. Every generation has its trials and the EFG has continued through ninety years without interruption, and we are doing all we can to keep it going through this pandemic.

As with many organisations the Guild has seen its revenue streams dry up. The Guild Rooms bar, rental income from the cinema and most importantly membership fees. On the other side of the balance sheet there are fixed professional costs (such as accountants fees and web hosting and the like).

Your attendance and donations are vital to us continuing to put on screenings so we can enjoy these movies together. A small donation can make an enormous difference to an organisation such as ours.

We are a volunteer run membership organisation and as such suggestions and feedback are always very welcome. If you wish to contribute or have feedback you wish to share you can contact us via the contact form.