EFG Audience Survey 2015

To aid us in drawing up the programme of films for the 2015-16 season it would be great to have the input of current, past and prospective members.

    Are you currently a member of EFG? YesNo
    Have you been a member of EFG in the past? YesNo

    Below are some categories of film. Please indicate your interest in seeing these at EFG. If your interest in a season would depend upon the specific films shown in it please indicate 'Maybe'.

    Animated Film YesMaybeNo
    Documentary Film YesMaybeNo
    English-language Film YesMaybeNo
    Foreign Language Film YesMaybeNo
    Experimental/Avant Garde Film YesMaybeNo
    Silent Film YesMaybeNo
    Hollywood Film YesMaybeNo
    Independent Film YesMaybeNo
    Newer Films (1-5 years) YesMaybeNo
    New Cinema YesMaybeNo
    Special events* YesMaybeNo

    * For example a screening of Whisky Galore with whisky tasting. Such events might incur an additional one-off charge.

    Below are some seasons of films that have been suggested for the 2015-16 season. Please indicate your interest in seeing these at EFG.

    Contemporary Columbian Cinema YesMaybeNo
    The Complete Buster Keaton Short Films YesMaybeNo
    The Melodramas of Raffaello Matarazzo * YesMaybeNo
    World Wide Weird ** YesMaybeNo
    Hong Kong Action Cinema YesMaybeNo
    Robert Aldrich YesMaybeNo
    Cinema and Poetry YesMaybeNo
    The Irish Troubles on Film YesMaybeNo

    * A director whose 1950s films are somewhat reminiscent of Douglas Sirk for their excess and support of multiple readings.
    ** Such as a Pakistani Dracula, a Philippines James Bond parody with a midget, and a Turkish comic book adaptation.

    Finally, which of the following would you prefer?

    Six Film SeasonsFive Film SeasonsFour Film SeasonsDouble BillsIndividual Films

    Any other comments?