New Cinema 1: Finnish Films by Women Filmmakers

The Good Son + Her Room: Saturday 7th September at 13:15 (108min)
Tuffi Films: Saturday 7th September at 15:45 (112min)
Lives and Landscapes 1: Sunday 8th September at 13:15 (108min)
Lives and Landscapes 2: Sunday 8th September at 15:40 (103min)

EFG New Cinema 1 and 2 poster
Edinburgh Film Guild New Cinema 1 and 2 poster (artist: Celia Phillips)

This set of four screenings seeks to correct two ongoing misconceptions: that all good Finnish filmmakers are named Aki Kaurismäki and that good female filmmakers anywhere continue to be a relatively rare breed.  The first in what we hope to be an ongoing series of national approaches to the model of feminist film events pioneered by Lynda Myles at the EIFFs of the 1970s, EFG New Cinema devotes this inaugural programme to fourteen exceptional Finnish films from the past two years, including documentaries, animation and experimental works, as well as a good old-fashioned feature film, all directed by – and with substantial further contributions from – women.  With a majority by new and emerging talents, these represent a range of styles from poetic documentary (Elli Rintala’s Via Air, which we are proud to present in its world premiere screening) to taut noir (Zaida Bergroth’s The Good Son) to the inimitable split-screen work of world-renowned artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila (The Annunciation).

Special attention will be paid to the exceptional (and often dead funny) work of Tuffi Films, a production company founded in 2010 by a group of four women filmmakers self-described as operating on ‘fair-trade production methods and the sheer love of films’.  In an exclusive compilation, we will present their complete filmography to date, including the international premiere of their newest film, Cat Trap, just weeks ahead of its first competition screening.

A special publication, including original essays and programme notes by leading Finnish film critics and contributions from participating filmmakers, will be available at all screenings for an optional donation whilst supplies last.

All screenings take place at Filmhouse Cinema 3.  Public tickets are available now for all screenings from the Filmhouse website and box office – on 0131 228 2688 – at £6 (£5 concessions) each.  Guild members will book separately through EFG.

For all enquiries, please write to

New Cinema 1 has been made possible by the kind support and assistance of the Embassy of Finland London and the Finnish Film Foundation.

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The Good Son + Her Room
Saturday 7th September at 13:15 (108min)
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The Good Son
Samuli Niittymäki in The Good Son (Hyvä poika, dir Zaida Bergroth, prod Bufo) (photo: Olli Karttunen)

The Good Son (Hyvä poika, Finland 2011, 87min)
UK premiere
Director: Zaida Bergroth
Finnish with English subtitles
Cast: Samuli Niittymäki, Elina Knihtilä, Eero Aho, Anna Paavilainen, Eetu Julin

A stylish mix of Nordic noir and Bergmanian chamber drama played out amidst a deceptively idyllic country setting.

Finnish actress Leila Manner, hounded by the tabloids after a scandalous premiere, strikes out for her isolated summer villa.  With her is her son, Ilmari, whose obsessive filial piety is left unchecked by a single parent accustomed to having on call an unswervingly loyal mix of bodyguard, servant and watchdog.  Leila’s only loyalties, however, are to herself, and Ilmari’s hoped-for isolation is soon broken by the arrival of her boisterous friends.  As both he and his mother swiftly develop and rekindle separate relationships, the violent tensions within a too-obediant youth begin to rise to the surface.

Her Room
Fatima Usman and Jukka Pitkänen in Her Room (dir Mirkka Kallio, prod ELO Helsinki Film School)

Her Room (Finland 2013, 21min)
UK premiere
Director: Mirkka Kallio
No dialogue

A haunting tale of love, loss and redemption is eloquently conveyed through striking cinematic gestures in this astonishingly assured short film from ELO Helsinki Film School.


Tuffi Films
Saturday 7th September at 15:45 (112min)
with producer Elli Toivoniemi in attendance
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After runaway success with their first two short films, their lead producer being invited to Cannes, and with an ambitious programme of shorts, features, fiction and documentary works ahead of them, Tuffi Films is primed to become one of the most exciting new independent production companies in Europe.  And that was just 2012.

We are delighted to welcome Jussi-nominated producer Elli Toivoniemi to present the first Scottish screenings of all three of Tuffi’s completed films to date, and to introduce a series of specially-curated excerpts from their works-in-progress, previewing what’s in store for us in the years to come.

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?
Joanna Haartti, Santtu Karvonen, Ranja Omaheimo and Ella Toivoniemi in Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa?, dir Selma Vilhunen, prod Tuffi Films)

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa?, Finland 2012, 7min)
UK premiere
Director: Selma Vilhunen
Finnish with English subtitles

A (literally) breathless, virtuoso modern farce – with a bit of costume drama thrown in.  Best Comedy at Aspen Shortsfest and Best Fiction at Helsinki Short Film Festival.

The Date
Päivi Mäkinen, Oskari Joutsen and Anna Paavilainen in The Date (Treffit, dir Jenni Toivoniemi, prod Tuffi Films + ELO Helsinki Film School)

The Date (Treffit, Finland 2012, 7min)
Scottish premiere
Director: Jenni Toivoniemi
Finnish with English subtitles

Your typical date between three people – and two cats.  Best Short International Fiction at Sundance and Generation Special Mention at Berlinale.

Cat Trap
Cat Trap (Kissanloukku, dir Maija Hirvonen, prod Tuffi Films)

Cat Trap (Kissanloukku, Finland 2013, 38min)
International premiere
Director: Maija Hirvonen
Finnish with English subtitles

Glimpses into the life and experiences of Hannele, a voluntary detective on an unceasing quest to rescue any lost cat in Finland.  New Nordic Voices Competition at Nordisk Panorama (September 2013).


Lives and Landscapes 1
Sunday 8th September at 13:15 (108min)
with director Elli Rintala in attendance
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The first of two thematically-paired screenings of less-than-feature-length films, all connected through their examinations of hidden emotional depths and the settings which have helped to shape – or have been shaped by – them.

White Table
White Table (dir + prod Carolin Koss)

White Table (Finland 2012, 3min)
International premiere
Director: Carolin Koss
No dialogue

‘For some time I have been hearing a low repetitive sound in my left ear. Since I could not explain the feeling or the sound, I translated it into a moving image.’

Via Air
Kayo Yamagishi in Via Air (Kiitotie, dir Elli Rintala, prod Illume Ltd + ELO Helsinki Film School)

Via Air (Kiitotie, Finland 2013, 38min)
World premiere
Director: Elli Rintala
Finnish with English subtitles

An achingly beautiful, poetic documentary which, in the worthy tradition of Night Mail, Humphrey Jennings and Free Cinema, treats an ostensibly most unpoetic subject: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Director Elli Rintala will be present to introduce her film and to discuss it after its world premiere screening.

My Baby Don't Love Me
My Baby Don’t Love Me (dir Heta Jäälinoja, prod Turku Arts Academy)

My Baby Don’t Love Me (Finland 2012, 4min)
UK premiere
Director: Heta Jäälinoja
No dialogue

A charming, stream-of-consciousness animation about old age, coffee, tears and guitars, all set to glorious Robert Johnson blues.

The Queen of Splinters
The Queen of Splinters (Vem plockar upp skärvor av ett sprucket jag?, dir + prod Anna-Sofia Nylund)

The Queen of Splinters (Vem plockar upp skärvor av ett sprucket jag?, Finland 2012, 14min)
UK premiere
Director: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Swedish with English subtitles

A powerfully candid interview with a 66-year-old woman – represented onscreen by a trio of rag dolls created by artist Pauliina Turakka Purhonen – whose life has been shaped by sexual violence.

When One Stops
When One Stops (Hänen tilanne, dir Jenni Rahkonen, prod Turku Arts Academy)

When One Stops (Hänen tilanne, Finland 2012, 7min)
UK premiere
Director: Jenni Rahkonen
No dialogue

An animated meditation on loss and mourning told with minimalist poignancy and brilliant visual wit.  Winner of the main short film prize at the 2013 Tampere Film Festival.

The Annunciation
Satu Mäkinen and Elise Laaksonen in The Annunciation (Marian ilmestys, dir Eija-Liisa Ahtila, prod Crystal Eye) (photo: Jukka Rapo)

The Annunciation (Marian ilmestys, Finland 2011, 35min)
UK premiere
Director: Eija-Liisa Ahtila
Finnish with English subtitles

The real-life clients of a Helsinki social care facility reconstruct Biblical events in this typically innovative mix of documentary, fiction, experiment and tradition from world-renowned artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila.

Buying a Dildo
Eeva Putro in Buying a Dildo (Dildoa ostamassa, dir + prod Eeva Putro)

Buying a Dildo (Dildoa ostamassa, Finland 2012, 7min)
UK premiere
Director: Eeva Putro
Finnish with English subtitles

A day in the life of a closeted lesbian who just wants to prove to her partner that she loves her.


Lives and Landscapes 2
Sunday 8th September at 15:40 (103min)
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Two novella-length documentaries taking extremely contrasted approaches to the continuing theme of how places define and are defined by their inhabitants.

Burden of My Heart
Burden of My Heart (Sydämeni taakka, dir Iris Olsson and Yves Niyongabo, prod Nordic Film Pool + ELO Helsinki Film School)

Burden of My Heart (Sydämeni taakka, Finland 2011, 45min)
Directors: Iris Olsson and Yves Niyongabo
English and Kinyarwanda with English subtitles

A strikingly objective look at Rwanda sixteen years after the 1994 genocide, told entirely through the first-person narratives of those who survived it and those struggling to survive growing up amidst its ruins.

A Studio in a Factory Town
A Studio in a Factory Town (Jäniksenä Varkaudessa, dir Matleena Jänis, prod Kinosfilmi)

A Studio in a Factory Town (Jäniksenä Varkaudessa, Finland 2013, 58min)
International premiere
Director: Matleena Jänis
Finnish with English subtitles

The life of a small, formerly-thriving industrial town (Varkaus, 320km north of Helsinki), told through the photographs and home movies taken by four successive generations of the Jänis family, who ran its local photography studio.  A unique and throughly charming insider’s look at small-town life as seen through the eyes of those who, in earning their living, almost unwittingly preserved the otherwise lost lifestyle of an entire city and its inhabitants for posterity.


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