Nazi Film Propaganda: Exploding the Myths

In response to feedback received to his book , The Third Reich’s Celluloid War, Ian Garden will be running a 6 week course in May in the Edinburgh Guild screening room at the Filmhouse entitled Nazi Film Propaganda: Exploding the Myths .

A number of myths have arisen over the years about Nazi film propaganda – first, that the Nazis were masters at the art and never made mistakes; second, that everything they said was a lie; third, that all they produced were heavily politicised films.

Through screenings of some of the most notorious and in some cases largely unknown films of the Third Reich, those attending the course are helped to judge for themselves the truth/lies and successes/failures of these films and traces the ultimate fate of actors and directors involved in their production.

Films to be screened (all of which have English sub-titles) include My Life For Ireland, Ohm Krüger (the most anti-British film ever made), The Emperor of California, Jew Süss and Request Concert together with excerpts from Triumph of the Will and the 1936 Olympia.

The cost for the 6 classes will be £30 and responding to differing needs  attendees have the option of attending  on either Tuesday afternoons or Thursday evenings.

The afternoon class will run for 6 weeks from Tuesday 30th April to Tuesday 4th June from 2pm to 4.15pm while the evening class will run for 6 weeks from Thursday, 2nd May to Thursday 6th June from 7pm to 9.15pm.

Each class will begin with a brief introduction to the topic and film being covered that day and will conclude with a short postscript and opportunity for general discussion.

For further information about the course – including full course outline – or to enrol please contact Ian by e-mail at or by phone at 0131 624 1023.