Contemporary Polish Cinema

Today’s Polish cinema presents a powerful blend of new talent and established auteurs.

These screenings will be introduced by Gosia Bugaj, a PhD student in film at Edinburgh University.

Saviour Square / Plac Zbawiciela

K. Krauze, J. Kos | Poland | 2006 | 105 minutes

Plac Zbawiciela is about a contemporary Polish small child family. Bartek and Beata and the children are supposed to move into their dream house – but the developer runs bankrupt and they are forced to move into the flat of Barteks mother – Teresa. It soon goes downwards – Beata is unable to fit into the new life situation, find a job after her continuous studying and cut down on her luxurious expenses on behalf of the family. Her more practical husband is not afraid to express his annoyance, nor is his mother, who has got the daughter in law she never could stand inside her doorstep.

Sunday, 2nd October 2011 at 04:30 PM

Strawberry Wine / Wino truskawkowe

D. Jablonski | Poland | 2008 | 109 minutes

This is not a love story though it is full of love. It is not a comedy though the characters often say funny things. It is not a detective story even though the hero is trying to solve a murder. It is not a nature drama though it shows the splendid colours and customs of the countryside. It is not a musical though Lubica expresses her longing in a passionate dance. Nor is it a film about ghosts though a ghost does ask the hero for a favour. A few draughts of Strawberry Wine are enough to take us into a magical world in the true centre of Europe, where love, crime and penitence are just as much a part of life as the changing of the seasons, the migration of birds or the flowing of a mountain stream.

Sunday, 9th October 2011 at 04:30 PM

Four Nights with Anna / Cztery noce z Anna

J. Skolimowski| Poland | 2008 | 87 minutes

A crematorium worker repeatedly breaks into a woman’s house at night to help with housework. From the director of The Shout and Deep End.

Sunday, 16th October 2011 at 04:30 PM

Sweet Rush / Tatarak

A. Wajda| Poland | 2009  | 85 minutes

As an aging woman married to a workaholic doctor by chance meets a young man who makes her feel young again. All of this is films by a director making a film about her which cuts in and out of the on camera and off camera drama. From the director of Ashes and Diamonds and Man of Marble.

Sunday, 23rd October 2011 at 04:30 PM

All That I Love / Wszystko co kocham

J. Borcuch| Poland | 2009 | 95 minutes

Follows four friends in their quest to form a punk band. As workers protests sweep across the country, Janek and Staszek, the sons of a navy man, the rebellious Kazik, and the affluent Diabel gel as a band, but their disparate lives are touched by social turmoil and outside perceptions.

Sunday, 6th November 2011 at 04:30 PM

Little Rose / Rozyczka

J. Kidawa-Blonski | Poland | 2010 | 118 minutes

Pressured by his superiors to disgrace public intellectual Warczewski, a professor and respected writer whom they believe to be a “camouflaged Zionist,” rough security-services colonel Rozek enlists his sexy but naive girlfriend, Kamila, to insinuate herself into the distinguished older man’s life and report on his every move. Not particularly interested in serving communism but eager to please her domineering lover, Kamila accepts the mission, reporting under the code name “Little Rose.” As quick scenes contrast Kamila’s crude pleasures with Rozek and her more refined experiences with Warczewski, it becomes clear that the more time the unschooled young woman spends with the professor, the more she comes to have true feelings for him.

Sunday, 13th November 2011 at 04:30 PM