Seasonal Screenings

For Halloween:

Communion AKA Alice, Sweet Alice AKA Holy Terror

Alfred Sole | USA | 1976 | 98 minutes

Alice Spages is a withdrawn 12 year old girl who lives with her mother, Catherine, and her younger sister, Karen. Karen gets most of the attention from her mother, and Alice is often left out of the spotlight. But when Karen is found brutally murdered in a church before her first holy communion, all suspicions are turned towards Alice. But is a twelve year old girl really capable of such savagery? As more people begin to die at the hands of a merciless killer, Alice becomes more and more likely of a suspect.

Underrated melange of religious/family horror as per The Exorcist and The Omen, The Bad Seed style creepy child and giallo style murder mystery whose masked killer perhaps also influenced Halloween.

Wednesday 31st October 2012 7:00 PM


For Christmas:

Bachelor Mother

Garson Kanin | USA | 1939 | 82 minutes

Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers), a clerk at Merlin’s Department Store, is mistakenly presumed to be the mother of a foundling. Outraged at Polly’s unmotherly conduct, David Merlin (David Niven) becomes determined to keep the single woman and “her” baby together.

Sunday 16th December 2012 6:00 PM


For Valentine’s:

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

Joseph L. Mankiewicz | USA | 1947 | 104 minutes

In 1900, strong-willed widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) goes to live in Gull Cottage by the British seaside, even though it appears to be haunted. Sure enough, that very night she meets the ghost of crusty former owner Captain Gregg (Rex Harrison)…and refuses to be scared off. Indeed, they become friends and allies, after Lucy gets used to the idea of a man’s ghost haunting her bedroom. But when a charming live man comes courting, Lucy and the captain must deal with their feelings for each other.

Wednesday 13th February 2013 7:00 PM