Meet the Press: Newspapers & Newsmen on Film

Five Star Final

Mervyn LeRoy | USA | 1931 | 89 minutes

A ‘get the story at any cost’ film about a sleazy reporter (Boris Karloff, just before Frankenstein) and his editor (Edward G. Robinson) and those whose lives they destroy for the story…

His Girl Friday

Howard Hawks | USA | 1940 | 92 minutes

Screwball comedy take on the world of reporters and editors, with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.

Ace in the Hole

Billy Wilder | USA | 1951 | 111 minutes

Kirk Douglas is the unscrupulous reporter who puts a man’s life at risk in order to prolong a story in Billy Wilder’s ascerbic commentary on the media.

Scandal Sheet AKA The Dark Page

Phil Karlson | USA | 1952 | 82 minutes

The editor of a New York exploitation newspaper meets the wife he had abandoned years ago, while using another name, at a Lonely Hearts ball sponsored by his newspaper. She threatens to expose him as a wife-deserter, wife-beater and an impostor, and, in anger, he hits her with his fist and accidentally kills her. Later, when her body is found, he assigns his protégé reporter to the story, as a good, exploitable follow-up story to the ball. And, then, he is forced to sit back and watch while the reporter slowly tracks down the killer.

Park Row

Sam Fuller | USA | 1952 | 83 minutes

Fuller’s paean to the romance of the press, built around the battle for circulation between two newspapers The Star and The Globe.

Page One: Inside The New York Times

Andrew Rossi | USA | 2011 | 92 minutes

An insightful documentary that follows ex-junkie turned media reporter David Carr as his newspaper faces the digital future.