Seasonal Screenings: Halloween and Christmas

For Halloween:


Peter Bogdanovich | USA | 1968 | 90 minutes

Two sorts of horror collide in this tense horror-thriller, Boris Karloff’s elderly gothic horror star, Byron Orlok, and a Vietnam veteran on a motiveless shooting spree.



Nobuo Nagakawa | Japan | 1960 | 101 minutes

A philosophy student is corrupted by a diabolical friend and is plunged into hell along with other wrongdoers. From the opening credits – projected onto the naked body of a woman and accompanied by avant-garde jazz – to the finale Jigoku is an unforgettable experience in horror.

For Christmas:

Holiday Affair

Don Hartman | USA | 1949 | 87 minutes

The Christmas-season romance of a young widow, played by Janet Leigh, and the sales clerk, played by Robert Mitchum, whom she made lose his job.