Albanian Cinema

What do you know about Albania? A former hardline communist state with a culture of blood feuds and vendettas that make Sicily seem lightweight?

What do you know about Albanian cinema? Even less?

Would you like to know more? Here’s your chance.

Skanderbeg / Skënderbeu

Sergei Jutkević | Albania/USSR | 1953 | 120 minutes
The first feature film made in Albania; a historical epic about its national hero, Skanderbeg.

The Second November / Nëntori i Dytë

Viktor Gjika | Albania | 1982 | 79 minutes
Albania’s patriots overcome many obstacles to win the country’s independence from the Ottomans.

Tale From the Past / Përrallë nga e Kaluara

Dhimitër Anagnosti | Albania | 1987 | 77 minutes
A comedy about a young woman’s revenge on those who arranged her marriage.

Concert in 1936 / Koncert në Vitin 1936

Saimir Kumbaro | Albania | 1978 | 87 minutes
A pianist and a singer tour Albania’s villages, to a mixed reception.

Tomka and his Friends / Tomka dhe Shokët e tij

Xhanfise Keko | Albania | 1977 | 72 minutes
Set during World War II; Albanian children resist the German occupation of their football pitch.

Face To Face / Ballë për Ballë

Kujtim Cashku, Piro Milkani | Albania | 1979 | 106 minutes
Based on a novel by Ismail Kadare; Albania and the USSR fall out over submarines.

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