Jean Harlow


Victor Fleming | USA | 1933 | 96 minutes
Sexpot film star Lola Burns seeks a new image and tries marrying a marquis, adopting a baby — all sorts of schemes which go awry.

The Girl from Missouri

Jack Conway | USA | 1934 | 75 minutes
Chorus girl Eadie is determined to marry a millionaire without sacrificing her virtue.


Victor Fleming | USA | 1935 | 97 minutes
Wealthy Bob Harrison buys all the seats in the theatre to watch Mona Leslie’s musical by himself. He loves her, her agent Ned Riley loves her. Conflict ensues.


J Walter Ruben | USA | 1936 | 94 minutes
Fisherman Dutch marries cannery worker Hattie. He quits his poorly paid job to concentrate on getting better working conditions as union leader. Unfortunately, the union members disagree …


George Fitzmaurice | USA | 1936 | 93 minutes
American showgirl Suzy is in London in 1914. She loves Irish inventor Terry who works for an engineering firm owned by a German woman. After their marriage Terry is murdered and Suzy flees


Jack Conway | USA | 1937 | 92 minutes
After winning a stud farm in lieu of gambling debts, bookie Duke Bradley (Clark Gable) turns an eye to the daughter of the now deceased gambler and her millionaire fiancée. Harlow died during the making of the film, with a double needing to be used for it to be completed.

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