Dreams, Ghosts and Angels


A mini-season of stylistically inventive films which play with time, thought and memory, re-imagine fairy-tales and apply dream logic to the everyday.

Wings of Desire  (Der Himmel über Berlin)

Wim Wenders | Germany | 1987 | 127 minutes | English subtitles

Invisible, immortal angels populate Berlin. Bundled in dark overcoats, they watch over the city with ears open to the heartbeat of the human soul, listening to the internal musings and yearnings of earthbound humans like existential detectives. When one angel, Damiel(Bruno Ganz), falls in love with a trapeze artist, he dreams of becoming human.

Sunday, 4 October at 7.00pm

Alice (Neco z Alenky)

Jan ŠSvankmajer | Czechoslovakia | 1988 | 91 minutes | English subtitles

A surreal adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Švankmajer uses familiar objects in unfamiliar ways, giving a fantasy quality to the banal while tipping the dream logic to the edge of nightmare. Combining a live-action Alice with a stop-motion Wonderland filled with threatening, bizarre characters.
Sunday, 11 October at 7.00pm

Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream That One Calls Human Life

Quay Brothers | Germany/Japan/UK | 1995 | 104 minutes

Jakob (Mark Rylance) enrolls at the titular Institute — a dilapidated, moribund boarding school for the training of servants — and becomes embroiled in the strangely hypnotic world of the enigmatic siblings (Alice Krige, Gottfried John) at its helm.

Sunday, 18 October at 7.00pm

After Life  (Wandâfuru raifu)

Hirokazu Kore-eda | Japan | 1998 | 118 minutes | English subtitles

At a way station somewhere between heaven and earth, the newly deceased are greeted by spiritual guides who help them sift through their memories to find the one really precious moment of their lives to take with them when they pass on to Heaven. What would you choose?

Sunday, 25 October at 7.00pm

Blancanieves  (Snow White)

Pablo Berger | Spain | 2012 | 104 minutes | silent | English subtitles

Rescued from her evil stepmother by dwarves, a young woman becomes a bullfighter like her late father. This silent film, with a brilliantly realised soundtrack, is a twist on the Snow White fairy tale that is set in 1920s Seville.

Sunday, 1 November at 7.00pm