Irish Uprising


The Easter Rising (Éirí Amach na Cásca) was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic. This mini-season of films marks the 100th anniversary (1916-2016) of those events.

Mise Éire / Saoirse?

George Morrison | Ireland | 1959 | 88 min | documentary | Gaelic with English subtitles

Mise Eire (I am Ireland) tells of events in Ireland leading up to, during, and immediately after the 1916 Easter Rising, extensively using original footage such as newsreels from the time.

George Morrison | Ireland | 1961 | 92 min | documentary | Gaelic with English subtitles

Saoirse? (Freedom?) documents the period 1919-1922 in Ireland’s history, covering the war of independence against the British and the civil war that followed using archive footage from the time, including original newsreel footage.

Sunday, 14 February at 7.00pm

Hang Up Your Brightest Colours / Curious Journey

Antony Thomas | UK | 1973 | 77 min | documentary

Drama-documentary featuring Welsh actor and writer Kenneth Griffith’s polemic eulogy to Irish patriot and Republican leader Michael Collins.

Kenneth Griffith | UK | 1973 | 105 min | documentary

Almost half a century after those terrible events, Kenneth Griffith interviewed a group of veterans of the Easter Rising and Irelands war of Independence. This highly diverse group – branded terrorists by the British in their youth – give their own account of what it was like to live through those turbulent times.

Sunday, 21 February at 7.00pm

Michael Collins

Neil Jordan | France/Ireland/UK | 1996 | 133 min

Michael Collins plays a crucial role in the establishment of the Irish Free State in the 1920s, but becomes vilified by those hoping to create a completely independent Irish republic.

Sunday, 28 February at 7.00pm

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Ken Loach | UK | 2006 | 127 min

Against the backdrop of the Irish War of Independence, two brothers fight a guerrilla war against British forces.

Sunday, 6 March at 7.00pm

Keith Farrell | Ireland | 2013 | 97 min | English and Gaelic with English subtitles

Based on the testimony of the civilian and soldiers on both sides of the conflict, this docu-drama follows the course of tragic events which occurred during the six days of the Easter rising.

Sunday, 13 March at 7.00pm