Follow-up: Jacques Tati & ‘Jour de fête‘

Articles that may be of interest to those who attended our screening of Jacques Tati’s ‘Jour de fête’ (26 January 2024) at the Institut français d’Écosse.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the film, please note that key plot elements may be described or shown in the material listed below.

Arrival of A Comedy Titan: ‘Jour de fete’ review (

The Color of Paradise: ‘Jour de fete’ (by Jonathan Rosenbaum)

Man About Town: Jacques Tati’s “Jour de fête” and “PlayTime” (Jeremy Carr, 31 Dec 2018, MUBI Notebook)

Jacques Tati (1907 to 1982) Biography: Life and Films (

The Arrival of Colour: Responding to the Restored Jour de fete (Alex Clayton, Screen (2010) 51(4): 390-396. Reproduced in