The Edinburgh Film Guild is exclusively run by volunteers who deal with all the aspects of running a film society. If you want to help in any way in the running of the Guild, please get in touch with us via email at admin@edinburghfilmguild.org.uk or using the contact form.

Council and Committees

The Edinburgh Film Guild has a Council and various Committees, that work on things like marketing and programming.


  • Jim Dunnigan (Chair)
  • Phil Denning (Secretary)
  • David Alexander
  • Gillian Gloyer
  • Martine Pierquin
  • Richard Walker
  • Ian McFarlane

Programming Committee

  • Richard Walker (Convenor)
  • David Alexander
  • Jim Dunnigan
  • Nadine Fabre
  • Richard Kendall
  • Gavin MacDonald
  • Martine Pierquin