Follow-up: Jean Renoir & ‘Boudu Saved From Drowning’

Articles that may be of interest to those who attended our screening of Jean Renoir’s ‘Boudu Saved From Drowning’ (20 October 2023) at the Institut français d’Écosse.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the film, please note that key plot elements may be described or shown in the material listed below.

Film Review: ‘Boudu Saved From Drowning’, 1932 (James Travers,

Jean Renoir (1894-1987) Biography: Life and Times (James Travers,

Renoir Father and Son: Painting and Cinema: An exhibition exploring the shared motifs, subjects and settings of paintings and films by Pierre-August Renoir and his film director son Jean (Studio International)

Interview: A Supreme Artist: Pascal Mérigeau on “Jean Renoir: A Biography” (Patrick Z. McGavin, February 01, 2017,

Michel Simon (1895-1975) Biography: Life and Films (James Travers,