SCREENING ON 16/10/2022 7:00 pm

“Two detectives (Minoru Oki, Seiji Miyaguchi) are sent from Tokyo to one of the far southern provinces in order to stake out the home of an old girlfriend of a wanted killer.

From their second-story room across the street, the detectives observe the daily life of the former girlfriend (Hideko Takamine), now married to a local banker and caring for his kids from an earlier marriage. Boredom alternates with extreme tension for the detectives, as the complex layers of the case gradually unfold. The movie itself, however, is never boring.” (Japan on Film)

“Most closely associated with the crime genre, [director] Yoshitaro Nomura was…also an insightful chronicler of the lives of ordinary people in the complicated post-war society.” (Windows On Worlds)

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