The Sleeping Car Murders (Compartiment tueurs)

(Part of our ‘French Language Cinema Season‘ at the Institut français d’Écosse.)

A humorous, visually punchy take on the murder mystery. Six people share a sleeping compartment on a Paris-bound train. After they arrive, one of them is found strangled, and before long, the killer starts bumping off the remaining passengers. Plot twists and thrills are masterfully executed with a dream cast including Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. “The movie is hard, fast as hell and compelling.” (MUBI)

‘The Sleeping Car Murders (Compartiment Tueurs)’ is beautifully filmed by Costa-Gavras, with striking black and white cinematography…a polished screenplay by Costa-Gavras, and a sharp sense of urgency, danger and excitement.” (Derek Winnert)

“Costa-Gavras’ early crime film The Sleeping Car Murders plays like a Parisian giallo, or Maigret on speed. The movie is hard, fast as hell and compelling.” (David Cairns, MUBI Notebook)

Venue : Institut français d’Écosse Ticketing by the venue (not included in EFG membership)