Westfront 1918

“Pabst makes palpable the anxiety and suffering of trench warfare, as explosions rain down on the battlefield in Westfront 1918. Pabst’s depictions of anti-heroic sacrifice and senseless death were an affront to the Nazis, who banned the film upon seizing power in 1933.” (MoMA)

“Thanks to state-of-the-art digital restoration techniques, it is now possible to fully appreciate Pabst’s fluid, mobile camerawork, and his experimental use of sound, which was radical for German cinema in the early 1930s… As explosions rain down on the battlefield, leaving the mangled bodies of young men in their wake. Audiences [of the time], no longer able to deny the tragic horrors of the Great War, were also forced to confront the very real potential for history to repeat itself. Restored by Deutsche Kinemathek in collaboration with British Film Institute.” (MoMA)

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